How to keep a cat cool in summer

When the warm weather comes back, so does the heat wave. And just like you, your cat is hot, very hot. But unlike you, your cat doesn't sweat much. In the event of a heat wave, your cat may have difficulty reducing its body temperature. In this case, you owe it to yourself to help him cool down in order to avoid dehydration but also a possible heat stroke which could be fatal for your cat!


1. Brush him every day

When you look at your cat's fur, you think you'd hate to be in his shoes in summer. Yet, strange as it may seem, his fur helps protect him from the cold, but also from the heat. On the other hand, a matted fur keeps the heat in. Therefore, it is necessary to brush your cat every day in order to help him remove his dead hairs but also to air his skin.


2. Wipe its body with a wet washcloth

Cats aren't known for being big fans of baths or showers. To gently refresh your cat, dampen a washcloth and gently rub it all over his body. Be sure to insist on rubbing his paws. If your cat doesn't mind the water, dip the tips of his paws in cool water to further cool him down.


3. Give your cat a water fountain

It's a well-known fact that cats prefer to drink water that is always being renewed rather than stagnant water. That's why many cats love water that comes out of the tap. To encourage your cat to drink during the summer, invest in a water fountain: the water will always be fresh and clean!





4. Put ice cubes in his water

If the idea of a water fountain doesn't inspire you, don't hesitate to put some ice cubes in your cat's water to keep it fresh. Be careful not to do this too often, though, as drinking ice water could give your cat a stomachache.


5. Put a wet towel down

To give your cat a cool place to rest, place a wet towel in a place where he likes to nap. If she's willing to lie down on it, she'll be happy to cool off a bit.


6. Provide a shelter

If your cat has access to the outdoors, she'll find a place to shelter from the heat on her own. However, if you live in an apartment and can't leave a room dark during the day (basically if you can't leave the blinds closed), make a makeshift shelter for your cat. To do this, place a terry cloth towel on a chair and let it hang down on both sides to form a sort of shady hut where your feline can take refuge.


7. Place water bowls in every room

In order to avoid discouraging your cat from going to drink because he has to walk several yards to get to his water bowl (yes, cats are lazy), consider placing water bowls in each room where he likes to be.


8. Cool your rooms

If you have a fan, cover it with a damp cloth. This will humidify the air. You can achieve the same result by placing wet towels right in front of your windows, opening them wide and closing the shutters (hoping for some air...).


9. Use a mister

A mister can be your best friend in a heat wave, but also your cat's. Spraying water lightly on her body will help cool her down. You can also spray water on her favorite bunks!


10. Don't let your cat out

Even if your cat likes to go for his daily walk after lunch, it's best not to let him out during the hottest part of the day, between 1 and 4 pm. We don't mean to imply that your cat is incapable of managing his exertion, but he is not immune to heat stroke.