Make Keep His Dog

Bringing a dog into the home is synonymous with immense happiness. But we must not forget the responsibilities and inconveniences that this can cause in certain circumstances and particularly when leaving on vacation or scheduled absences or not.

A lot of dogs are abandoned every year because of the complexity of the organization to keep their dog. We are going to help you and inform you about various solutions that will allow you to keep your dog, which will allow you to manage these departures in all serenity without having to worry about the well-being of your pet so dear to your heart.


Having your dog looked after: a very effective solution

Don't feel guilty anymore, don't torment yourself, you can't bring your dog along? Have your dog looked after and he too will have a good vacation.

Several cases may require that you have your dog looked after:

- You are hospitalized and no one you know can take care of him.
- You work all day and your dog is left alone for several hours without seeing anyone.
- You are obliged to leave for a 3-day seminar, and it is difficult to ask your employer to accept your dog at the hotel.

Don't worry, we have listed several dog sitting solutions that will save you a lot of worry.

Whatever your situation, you will easily find the one that best suits your needs and that will ensure the well-being, comfort and safety of your little one.

It is very important to make the right choice and we are going to offer you all the adequate advices to find a professional or dog lover who will know how to give happiness to your best friend during the custody of your dog.


First of all, it is very important to get to know your dog:

Is he independent?
Stressed if you leave him for a few hours?
Sad when you are away, even for a short time, or on the contrary, used to it because some dogs have a hard time living without their master.
Does he cohabit very well with other dogs or is the presence of other dogs a problem?

In all cases it will be necessary to choose a mode of guarding to him according to its character, its sociability as well as its capacity to remain more or less alone. Example : He accepts very well the presence of other dogs and moreover he is very happy, it will be better to choose a pension or a kennel.

He is very stressed and cannot stand his peers. Home care is appropriate so that he does not lose his bearings.

He is used to being alone all day and apparently does not suffer from loneliness. You can consider a home visit but for a very short stay.

In any case, it is completely out of the question to leave a dog alone without a passage, even 2 days, with a food dispenser. Dogs do not know how to limit themselves, so this solution should be banned for their comfort, health and safety. It is compulsory to have your dog looked after if you are away for too long.

Another very important recommendation to keep your dog:

Depending on the breed of your dog, you cannot give it to just anyone.

You can only assign the care of a categorized dog to a person with a certificate of aptitude.

The person who will take care of a German Shepherd can also take care of a Poodle. The reverse is not true.

The Certificate of Competence for Pets of Domestic Species (ACACED) will guarantee you that the person who takes care of your dog is professionally insured and that he will be able to bring well-being to your companion thanks to his knowledge and skills.

After these few recommendations, let's take a look together at the solution that will best suit Toutou and that will allow you to keep your dog in complete serenity.






Gone is the image of the dog locked in an unsanitary box while you go on vacation. Boarding kennels are no longer rudimentary kennels but real luxury hotels or vacation camps.

These boarding kennels are places specially designed to ensure their comfort, well-being and safety and are equipped with specific facilities adapted to dogs. These centers employ certified personnel who will do everything possible to offer your pet total fulfillment.

"These vacation camps are extremely well supervised in terms of safety standards, hygiene and quality of service.

It is an ideal solution if you are going to be away for several days or weeks, but it is very important to choose the place where your little one will be staying based on the information you have obtained about these establishments.

The best thing is to visit the place and establish contact with the person in charge of the kennel or the boarding house.

Find out about staffing hours.
Are there staff on duty at night?
Do the employees have certificates of fitness?
How does the boarding kennel handle medical emergencies?
What type of insurance does the facility have in case of an accident?
Does the kennel have surveillance cameras?
Are dogs accepted if they are not vaccinated or dewormed? Why do you ask? If you don't want your dog back with parasites or sickness, you have to be uncompromising on this point.
If you are on site, check the hygiene and temperature of the premises. This is very important whether it is winter or summer.
What are the play areas? Are they well secured in order to avoid runaways or accidents to others?
For luxury stays, is there a swimming pool?
How many walks per day are offered? How are they entertained?

All these answers will give you a precise idea of the quality of the services offered by the establishment concerned, because the choice of the boarding facility should not be left to chance.

If you are unable to visit the boarding kennel beforehand, do not hesitate to get as much information as possible. After all, dog boarding is a paid service for which you can show a certain requirement.

Generally, the dog is housed in an individual box. He will be able to rest at his convenience. The activities of games with several dogs will be proposed according to the characters and the affinities between dogs.

Food will be provided in the package of stay except particular request of your share for a particular mode or a specific food which you will have to provide. The maintenance of the boxes will be practiced as much as necessary for the comfort of the dog as well as for its hygiene.

The center's staff will also make sure that the dog is in good health. They will call a local veterinarian in case of emergency or illness.



If the kennel or boarding solution does not tempt you to keep your dog, foster care is an excellent alternative. In a foster home, your dog will be in a family environment and will have individual, adapted and personalized care.

The dog is entrusted to an ordinary home that agrees to take care of it as if it were its own pet. You will be able to give specific care and feeding instructions. The foster family commits to provide all the necessary care: brushing, hygiene, health, adapted food, walks and especially cuddles.

When choosing a foster family, you must be very careful and demanding. For commercial purposes, some foster families take in too many animals to take care of them properly.

Word of mouth is an excellent reference but the opinions and comments left on social networks and communities of websites and associations are also references or warnings to be taken into account if you do not know the host family.

It is very important to visit the place in order to see the cleanliness of the house inside and outside. If the host family has other animals in the home, it is best to introduce your dog to his future vacation companions to see if they are a good match. A big disagreement at the first introduction does not mean anything good.

• Don't forget to ask if the pets in the household are properly vaccinated.
• How many other dogs are going to be in care at the same time as yours and their breeds.

You should not hesitate to take as much information as possible about the future family who will keep your dog and trust your dog's reaction from the first introduction with his future vacation master. The dog's instinct is infallible. If he growls or shows his fangs, turn around.

Some loving families will offer to send you photos and videos of your four-legged friend to reassure you and make sure you have a good vacation.





Having your dog looked after at home is certainly the best way to make your absence the least painful for him. This solution is also very popular with owners who find it difficult to leave their pet in a kennel, shelter or foster home.

The principle is that the dog stays in his home and a person comes to live with him.

• The animal remains in its furniture with its toys and its habits and is not disturbed by the change of place of living.
• It keeps its bearings and feels reassured by the familiar smells of the house.
• It keeps its peace especially if it is not too used to sharing.

Ideally, the person who moves into the house should already be known to the dog. But this is not always possible, so it is very important to get references on your dog's future janitor.

You can ask for information from organizations specialized in house sitting and methodically scrutinize the reviews and comments left on websites dedicated to this activity because you are going to leave your beloved dog to this person as well as the keys to your house. So seriousness and honesty are required for the Pet-Sister.

There are also websites of retired people who are looking to give love to animals and who are very available to replace you during your absences. The person installed in your home will provide the appropriate care for your dog and will take care of it as if it were his own. They will follow your recommendations regarding feeding, care, walks and hygiene to the letter.

If you do not know the person who will replace you, it is important to make the introduction between your dog and this person, to see if the contact goes well. You can offer to do a trial run for a few hours to see if the person is capable of taking care of your dog.

You can also ask him to send you photos and videos during walks and games to reassure you.

The small negative point of this solution of guarding is that the cost is rather expensive but when one likes one does not count (if one can) and it is really a good solution to make guard his dog without too much brusqueness.



You work all day and your dog is left alone for several hours at a time. He may be used to your long absence but you are worried about his well-being and hygiene. The ideal solution is a home visit by a Pet-Sister.

The Pet-Sister will make regular visits, once or twice a day depending on your wishes, to take your dog out to relieve himself, give him his meals and keep him company according to the hours you ask him to do. These visits also allow you to see that your pet is doing well and especially that your absence seems shorter.

Contrary to home dog sitting, the person does not settle in your home and comes only a few hours a day.

The precautions to be taken are exactly the same as for home care, the ideal being to know the person who will take care of your pet.

There are many sites that refer to Pet-Sisters. This service is not suitable for prolonged absences and should only be considered for a maximum of one day's absence.



There is a new way to keep your dog, which consists in practicing a dog-sitting exchange. You certainly know the home exchange or home exchange for apartment, etc.. The principle is the same.

You register on dog-sitting exchange platforms and you commit to keeping a dog in exchange for keeping yours when you need it.

This concept is reassuring because it is carried out between private individuals and ensures you the guarantee that your animal will be well treated since in return you will keep the dog of the person who will have taken care of yours. Moreover, this service is totally free because it is an exchange of service.

More and more owners are using this concept which allows them to build trusting relationships between animal lovers and to create new friendships. The pet sitter takes care of his dog and the owner's dog in the same way and takes care of all the care, feeding with or without special recommendation, walks, activities as at home.

When you go on vacation or on a business trip, you can tell your beloved dog that he is also going on vacation at TONTON and that he will be reunited with his friend from the last time. This is very reassuring and less stressful for you. Solution to adopt.





Having your dog looked after can also be interesting for very short periods of time, even just a few minutes. You work all day but your dog is used to stay alone. So no need to worry about his food, since he only eats in the morning and evening when you are there.

The needs, you have trained him and he is very clean, he waits for your return. But there is a problem that you cannot manage, it is the walk. Indeed, you leave early and come back late, you don't have time to walk your dog except on weekends between shopping and cleaning.

Call a dog-walker who comes to your home and takes your dog for a walk for one or two hours during the day. Some dog-walkers will be able to offer you additional activities such as socialization, walking on foot without pulling on the leash, recall.

You love your dog and for his well-being and good health, he must exercise and walk. Walking your dog in the forest, in the countryside and even in the city if you have no choice, is a primordial way to keep him in good health.

You can use the services of a Dog-Walker for private or group walks. If your dog is used to the presence of other dogs, he will be happy to go for a game of ball with his four-legged friends.

As far as your wallet is concerned, the group outing will be less expensive. Please note that the Dog-Walker does not take care of the feeding of your dog unless you agree otherwise, but he will give you back your dog clean and relaxed.

As for all forms of care, it is essential to know this person or at least to have good information about him, either by word of mouth or by recommendations of social networks, communities or associations. It is very important to have total confidence in this person because you are entrusting him/her with a member of your family.

Check the relationship with your dog. Your dog's instincts will never be wrong. If your dog growls when he sees him, give up immediately. If he jumps up and down when he sees you, you should leave.


In conclusion

To summarize, there are several ways to keep your dog. It is up to you to find the one that best suits your needs and your dog's character. The main precaution to take: Check to whom you will entrust your dog and everything will be fine.

You are now well informed about the different existing solutions to keep your dog during your vacations. Some dog-sitting solutions are more expensive than others - boarding is generally more expensive than pet-sitting, while placing your dog with friends is often free - but if you plan ahead you should be able to find a solution that will suit both Medor and your wallet.



Loving and educating your pet also means protecting it against the hazards of life. This is why we strongly recommend that you take out health insurance as soon as possible. This will save you astronomical veterinary fees in case of accident or illness.