Should dry dog food be moistened

If you have a dog, you probably want to give him the right food to keep him healthy. The hardest part is choosing the right food for your pet. Then, there are often many questions: how many meals to give per day? Should the kibble be wet? How much kibble is needed? etc... We will detail below the advantages and disadvantages of moistening kibble.


Why choose kibble?

There are several types of industrial dog food, the most widespread being kibbles. Here are the advantages of kibbles for dogs compared to other types of food (pâté, home-made rations...):

- Easy to keep: it is advised to consume the kibbles within one month after opening the package (choose packaging adapted to the size of the dog). Indeed, the fatty acids oxidize after one month, which alters the taste of the kibbles.
- Ready to use: Premium kibbles provide dogs with everything they need for their metabolism without any preparation (unlike household rations for example).
- Beneficial for oral hygiene: kibbles have an abrasive action on dogs' teeth and limit the formation of plaque and tartar.


Is it advisable to moisten your dog's kibble?

It is possible to moisten your dog's kibble for several reasons:

- Tenfold odor: wetting the dog food reveals its taste and thus increases its palatability. This can be a solution for dogs with a difficult appetite.
- Improved satiety: moistened kibbles represent a larger volume in the animal's stomach and thus improve its satiety.
- Source of water: ideal for dogs that do not drink much.
- Easy to chew: wetting the kibble makes it easier for dogs to eat. It is therefore possible to moisten the kibbles of dogs who have difficulty chewing their kibbles such as older dogs, dogs suffering from dental pain ... - Slowing down the food intake

However, when the kibble is moistened, it no longer exerts a mechanical action on the teeth and does not prevent tartar formation.


How to proceed ?

To moisten your dog's kibble, you must :

1. Heat water: the water should be hot when mixed with the kibble but not boiling
2. Pour the water into the bowl filled with kibble
3. Let the food swell gradually

You should wait a few minutes before serving the kibble to your dog so that it cools down and has time to soak up water. On the other hand, it is advisable to eat them quickly after preparation and to throw away the kibbles after one hour if your dog has not finished them.