Reasons to adopt a dog

Adopting a dog is a decision that should not be taken lightly, because it brings its share of constraints for which the owners are not always prepared.

You've already thought long and hard about how to care for a little fur ball, but you're still hesitant to take the plunge?

If there are bad reasons to adopt a pet, there are also good ones! In this article, I present 7 good reasons to live with a dog that may tip the scales in favor of a future adoption.


1 - The health benefits of dogs for humans

The health benefits of dogs for humans have been the subject of numerous studies for decades to understand how and why contact with animals has such effects on our health.

At the psychological level, the positive effects of the relationship between humans and animals are multiple, so much so that many therapies use dogs, cats, horses and even sheep, goats, chickens or NACs to treat disorders in children and adults.

Contact with animals has the virtue of reducing stress and improving mood through simple caresses, and even through the simple presence of the animal in the human's environment.

The result is a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, which is beneficial for the cardiovascular health of the owners.

I would like to point out that these results are observed and not explained, that is to say that an improvement in the health of people in contact with animals is generally observed in pet therapy, but the mechanism by which these benefits occur has not been elucidated.

At the physical level, the benefits of dog companionship in humans are easier to perceive and understand. Owners develop a stronger immune system, especially when they have been in contact with a dog from an early age.

Indeed, dogs are carriers of many allergens to which the owner's body gets used to thanks to their constant presence, thus becoming more resistant.

Having a dog also means doing physical exercise every day, whether it's raining or windy, because your faithful companion's walk doesn't wait and a dog needs about 1 to 2 hours of walking per day, depending on its lifestyle.

Owners who walk their dogs properly have stronger bones, better muscles and a healthier cardiovascular system.


2 - The dog to boost your social relations

When you spend a lot of time at home or when you move to a new place, for example, you sometimes have little opportunity to meet new people.

Your faithful companion offers you the opportunity to socialize by taking him for a walk in the street or in dog parks, or by participating in dog events that are conducive to beautiful encounters between dog lovers.

In short, no matter what your lifestyle and social habits are, having a dog is always a good excuse to meet new people, especially since your doggie is a great topic of conversation.


3 - The dog to fight against loneliness

Loneliness is an unfortunately recurrent problem for human beings, and especially for the elderly that our society does not integrate, or very little. A dog is an ideal companion for a senior who still has the physical ability to take care of it. It makes a daily occupation, but also a faithful friend with whom to discuss and interact every day.

Beyond the beneficial aspect of the dog on the morale of lonely people, there are physical benefits that resonate with the dog's constant need to walk, as mentioned earlier. Elderly and isolated people are indeed more likely to become very sedentary, a lifestyle that leads to many physical problems, including heart disease.




4 - The dog as a way to take responsibility

Taking care of a dog means learning to have responsibilities and to stick to them. Also, the dog makes an ideal companion for children who learn, at his side, patience and, to a lesser extent, self-sacrifice.

For adults, accountability also remains a crucial aspect of their daily lives, as it allows them to have new goals and objectives in life.

Planning a hike with your dog, teaching him tricks, educating him as a full member of your family... All these challenges are as stimulating as they are motivating for the animal and his owner.


5 - Adopt a dog to feel safe

There are no more loyal, devoted and courageous companions than dogs who, even if they only weigh a few pounds, will always defend their owners against all odds. Adopting a dog can help owners feel safe and secure when they are out walking as well as at home.

Many people who live alone may have trouble sleeping for fear of a break-in, or may not dare go out to run errands after dark. A dog doesn't have to be a big dog, a trained doggie or a categorized animal to defend its owner.

Any Bichon can make an excellent deterrent alarm in case of an intruder at night, and any Labrador, Golden or Beagle can impress by barking at an intruder in the street.


6 - The dog to improve your mood

Healthy dogs are always in a good mood and are very communicative. Sometimes clumsy, especially when they try to learn a few tricks with all their good will, they make us laugh and fully participate in the happiness capital of a household.

We never get tired of a Samoyed's permanent smile, a Poodle's antics, a Whippet's discreet cuddles or a Pug's pouty face.


7 - Adopting a dog from a shelter: saving a life

One of the best reasons to adopt a dog is to save his life by taking him to a shelter where his former owners have abandoned him. The dogs that are desperately waiting for their next family in shelters are not systematically old, sick, dangerous or traumatized.

You will find puppies, pedigree dogs, young adults in good shape who have often been abandoned due to a lack of financial means or when moving. A vast choice that will undoubtedly allow you to meet the four-legged companion made for you, ready to start a new life filled with joy and love at your side.



Why adopt a dog?
There are many good reasons to adopt a dog, the main ones being that a dog makes a faithful companion, who accepts his master as he is and loves him unconditionally. There is also an improvement in the psychological health of dog owners, as man's best friend transmits his good mood to humans, helping to fight depression and reduce stress. Finally, a dog makes an excellent social vector by helping his master to meet new people, and boosts his physical activity through his unconditional need for daily walks.

Is it a good idea to adopt a dog to teach my child responsibility?
Yes, having to take care of an animal helps to empower children by teaching them to care for a living being and to show patience and respect towards it. However, the true owner of the animal must be an adult who is able to supervise the relationship between the child and the dog and to deal with all the needs of the animal that a child would not be able to meet (especially financial, health and educational needs).

Is a dog a solution against loneliness?
A dog is an excellent safeguard against loneliness, because it is really able to feel emotions and communicate with its owner and bring him daily interactions. It also allows its owner to get out of loneliness by meeting other people who share the same passion during walks or during dog events.

Is it a good idea to give a dog to an elderly person?
Dogs make great companions for seniors and provide them with joy, love and occupation on a daily basis. However, the senior must be mobile enough to walk the dog daily, feed it, and possibly take it to the vet. I remember a training session with a 70+ year old woman who could not walk well, who had just adopted a small Cavalier King Charles, and who explained to me that she would have difficulty taking him out more than once or twice a week given his physical condition.... A case where choosing a puppy, active, was clearly NOT a good idea, and where a much calmer senior dog would have been more suitable.

It should also be noted that dogs can be a danger to frail people, as they can cause their owners to fall by shoving or tripping them. The relationship between an owner and his dog is one of the most beautiful that can exist, in that it is based on sincere love and loyalty, free of any judgment.

There are many very good reasons to adopt a dog, both in terms of physical fitness and psychological well-being. However, there are also some very bad ones (fashion, love, etc.) which unfortunately often lead to abandonment or mistreatment, voluntary or not.

I therefore recommend that you think carefully before adopting a dog, keeping in mind the financial constraints that surround this relationship that can last up to 15 years.



Loving and educating your pet also means protecting it against the hazards of life. This is why we strongly recommend that you take out health insurance as soon as possible. This will save you astronomical veterinary fees in case of accident or illness.