Online dog trainer

Online dog trainers are professionals who bring their expertise to owners to help them make their dog a pleasant companion to live with, happy, well in his head and well in his paws.

Indeed, the education of your dog is not an aspect to be taken lightly, because it will greatly impact your future relationship throughout its life.

Bad reflexes, an inappropriate attitude or clumsy reactions to behaviors that you do not understand or that you misinterpret can have serious consequences on the education of your pet.

Online dog trainers offer you an efficient service by providing you with quick advice, without having to travel, to avoid missteps when everything does not go as planned.


What is an online dog trainer?

A dog trainer is a professional dog trainer whose role is to advise owners and teach dogs the standards for interacting with their environment. Dog trainers typically offer physical consultations, where they meet the dog and owner in person, but some also offer online counseling.

This online activity can help owners who find themselves in trouble between training sessions or after picking up their pet from puppy school. Since the education of a dog is a long-term process, it is very useful for owners to be able to benefit from regular advice, without having to travel and entrust their dog to a physical person as soon as a difficulty arises.

It should be noted, however, that not all online dog trainers are equal, and that there are professionals with diplomas and professionals whose background makes it difficult to justify their legitimacy to advise owners in difficulty. If there is a diploma of canine educator, it is not necessary to practice, and some enthusiasts launch themselves in this sector with, as only baggage, their love of canines, which often proves insufficient.

If there are very talented dog trainers on both sides, it should be noted that obtaining a certificate often remains a guarantee of quality, and that not all amateur dog trainers are good advisers. Since it is impossible to meet the dog trainer of your choice online to get an impression of their skills, especially by observing the way they interact with your dog, it is especially important to turn to a professional who can prove their expertise.




Advantages of online dog trainers

Online dog trainers have the advantage of being more easily reachable, since they are usually centralized on platforms that synchronize the schedules of several professionals. Also, out of the number of professional dog trainers listed, you have a good chance of finding several with availability at the time you need help.

In fact, online dog trainers provide quick answers, allowing owners to address an emerging behavior problem immediately, before it takes hold. It's not always easy to know how to react when your dog does something stupid or behaves in an unexpected and undesirable way.

Sometimes, it is enough to let a dog repeat a behavior only two or three times for it to become a habit, from which the animal will have a lot of difficulty to get rid of. The handler, at a loss, may react badly and aggravate the problem, or put the dog in a state of perplexity or distress that will alter their relationship of trust.

The sooner the problem is solved, the less likely the situation will become complicated and have lasting impacts on the relationship between a master and his dog.


Disadvantages of online dog trainers

Online dog trainers do not have the opportunity to meet your pet in the flesh, which can make it difficult for them to analyze the situation in which the owner and the dog find themselves. Indeed, the interactions between the owner and the dog are very important to take into consideration in order to understand the origin of possible undesirable behaviors of the animal, which, most of the time, are due to the inappropriate attitudes of the owner.

Moreover, it is difficult to educate your dog from A to Z with an online dog trainer, and this type of service is more appropriate when the owner already has the basics... And so does his dog!

Finally, it should be noted that not all owners are comfortable with dog training, in which case it is simpler and safer to entrust the dog to a physical trainer. Using an online dog trainer requires you to apply the advice, methods and techniques yourself, which not all owners are able to do, especially when their dog is impetuous.

The physical trainer, on the other hand, applies his educational methods directly to the dog and already has the right reflexes to react correctly in case of unexpected behavior.




Choosing an online dog trainer

To find a serious online dog trainer, it is important to find out about their methods and their vision of their profession. Indeed, there are still many dog trainers (online or offline) who practice old-fashioned, brutal, even barbaric methods, which can have lasting consequences on the education and well-being of your dog.

Violence, brutality and punitive methods have no place in the training of your faithful four-legged friend, and all respectable online dog trainers should offer a program based on positive methods. It is also essential that the dog trainer of your choice is interested in your particular case and your pet, and not just harping on generalities, as is the case with many amateur or semi-amateur trainers.

In the digital age, it is relatively easy to find information about the reputation of dog trainers online, on the internet or on social networks. Don't hesitate to consult the feedback that owners who have used the services of the dog trainer you are interested in have left on their experience.

Word of mouth is also a great way to find a trusted online dog trainer, and it's quite possible that people you know who own dogs have already used this type of service.



Why use an online dog trainer?
An online dog trainer provides a quick and personalized response when you find yourself in a bind with your dog. This is a great advantage, since bad dog behavior can set in very quickly, and usually has time to become ingrained in the animal's habits between the time it appears and the time you manage to make an appointment with a physical dog trainer. Online dog trainers also allow you to get answers to questions that don't necessarily require travel and an appointment with a physical trainer.

How to choose an online dog trainer?
In order to choose the right online dog trainer to help you care for your dog, it is important to find out about their skills and reputation. Even though there are many amateurs who are very good with dogs, it is important to go to a qualified professional to avoid taking risks. You can also find information about the reputation and results of the online dog trainer of your choice on social networks or on the Internet.

Who can be an online dog trainer?
There is no diploma required to become a dog trainer, and today, many dog lovers improvise themselves as online dog trainers. However, it is important to entrust the education of your pet to a professional to avoid risks. A dog trainer who gives you bad advice is not only a financial loss, but can also have a lasting impact on your dog's behavior and the relationship you have with him.

What is the difference between an online and physical dog trainer?
Online dog trainers offer online consultations to answer your questions quickly and prevent bad behavior from taking hold. Physical dog trainers take care of your dog directly by their side and are best suited for owners who have no background in dog training and for truly defiant dogs. Most of the time, online dog trainers are also physical dog trainers, who operate both online and in real life.


Online dog trainers offer services in the air of time, responding to the growing demand of owners to benefit from a fast and efficient service, without having to travel. An activity that fits well in our 2.0 society, and which is very useful for novice owners who are a little overwhelmed by their dogs' behavior, but also for experts who want to ask a question to a professional without having to go anywhere.