Is it safe to give cats tuna

Many owners give their cats tuna as a treat. But is tuna good for cats? How often can we give them tuna? Are there other fish to choose from?

If you have a cat, it probably loves tuna and comes to you to ask for it as soon as you open a can...

It is possible to give tuna to cats from time to time to please them (once a week for example). Tuna is rich in water, so it is beneficial for cats who are small drinkers. Tuna is also a source of protein and low in calories.

However, tuna does not cover all the needs of cats, so it is not possible to feed a cat only tuna. Moreover, tuna accumulates heavy metals such as arsenic or mercury, heavy metals can have harmful effects on health (neurotoxic effect). This is the case of fish at the end of the food chain that accumulate heavy metals that they have ingested, those of their prey, those contained in the prey of their prey...

If you want to give your cat tuna, choose the least contaminated tuna such as the litsao tuna. The litsao tuna stock is not endangered unlike the yellowfin tuna (which is among the most contaminated tuna).

It is possible to vary the pleasures and to give from time to time less contaminated fish to your cat like mackerel, sardines...

On the other hand, you can give your cat food every day in addition to its kibbles: this is called bi-nutrition. Cats generally love food and because it is rich in water, it has many benefits for cats: it increases their satiety, dilutes urine, etc... Do not hesitate to read our sheet on bi-nutrition for more information.