Is it ok to give dogs bread

Owners sometimes give bread to their dogs to please them, to keep them busy, to make their teeth... But bread can be responsible for weight gain and digestive problems and it does not have a positive effect on oral hygiene. What can we replace bread with?


Why is it not advisable to give bread to dogs?

Owners are often tempted to give their own food to their dogs as bread.

Fresh bread can be given to dogs if they ask their owners for it (as a treat). Hard bread can be given to keep the dogs busy, to get the puppies teething and to provide an abrasive action on the teeth.

However, this is not recommended for several reasons:

- The bread, cookies and cakes we eat are too high in calories for dogs. They promote weight gain and overweight.
- Dietary deviations can also be responsible for digestive disorders such as diarrhea. Indeed, the intestinal microbiota of dogs, also called digestive flora, is sensitive to sudden changes in diet.
- Hard bread has a limited abrasive action on the teeth, so it is not beneficial for oral hygiene.

Beware of bread dough which is toxic for dogs because of the baker's yeast it contains.


What can you replace bread with?

If you want to please your dog, we advise you to choose treats specially designed for dogs. Their composition is adapted to the needs of dogs. The risk of digestive problems associated with treats is therefore limited. Treats should be given in reasonable quantities to avoid weight gain.

If you want to keep your dog busy, don't hesitate to give him an educational toy, this will keep him busy for a long time and will work on his cognitive functions. Cognitive expenditure is just as important as physical expenditure for the well-being of dogs. Another option is to offer a chew toy or treat.

Puppies have high chewing needs, especially when they are changing their teeth between 4 and 7 months. Chew toys and chew bones will also be very helpful during this period to satisfy their chewing needs.

For good oral hygiene, it is preferable to choose chewing strips that promote good oral hygiene. It is also possible to brush your dog's teeth, to add a drinking solution to his drinking water, to add an oral hygiene powder to his food, etc... Don't hesitate to read our sheet on the maintenance of the dog's mouth for more details.