Going on vacation with your cat

If you're one of those cat owners who take their feline with them on vacation, you need to think of everything. Yes, a single oversight could ruin your trip. And for good reason, our feline friends are generally more reassured when they find familiar objects that already carry their scent at their vacation destination. So, for your cat's stay to go well, it's best not to forget anything!


1. The bowls

A very important element: your cat's food and water bowls. Of course, if you forget them, you can always buy new ones at your vacation spot or use bowls, but this would not be the same for your little protégé. He might even refuse to eat or drink.

And above all, if you are not too busy, don't hesitate to take your cat's water fountain with you. Sure, it's more cumbersome than a bowl, but you won't regret it!


2. The litter box

If you want your cat to feel at ease during your vacation, it must be able to find the smells so characteristic of its territory. And what could be more fragrant than his litter box! The litter box retains your cat's scent, even if it's cleaned regularly.

Also, don't forget to bring along one (or more) packets of substrate. You never know, you might not be able to find the same litter box during your stay. And if your cat is a picky litter boxer, it could be a real disaster if you run out!


3. Toys

To help your furry friend relax and let off steam, be sure to pack a few of his favorite toys. And remember, so he doesn't get tired of them, don't take them all out at once. Give him one or two different ones each day, so he'll be much more likely to play with them throughout his vacation!


4. Bedding

If your cat likes to sleep in a basket or on a particular cushion, don't hesitate to put it in your suitcase. Not only will this comfort your cat and limit his anxiety when he arrives at his vacation spot, but he will also be able to sleep more peacefully.




5. The scratching post

Well, not everyone has the space to bring a scratching post on vacation. But if it's ever possible for you, don't hesitate! Indeed, the presence of his scratching post will allow your cat to have fun, but above all he will be able to do his nails there. And it's better for him to scratch on his scratching post than on the sofa of your rental home, isn't it?


6. The brush

Essential object in everyday life, the brush is an element not to forget! Thanks to it, you will be able to soothe your cat by brushing him (provided he likes it), but above all you will be able to keep his coat well ventilated. Indeed, especially in summer, our feline friends need to be brushed every day to prevent the formation of knots in their hair.


7. The tick remover

They are everywhere. They show no mercy. And they can transmit Lyme disease to your cat. We're talking about ticks, of course! In case your cat is bitten by one of these parasites, it's best to be equipped with a tick remover so you can remove it immediately. And beware, contrary to what we think, cats that never go outside are not protected!


8. The health booklet

Even if you don't travel abroad, remember to take your cat's health record. Indeed, if ever something happens to your cat, the veterinarian will have all the elements to treat it.