Can my dog eat bacon

If you are one of those owners who feed their dog bacon, you should stop doing so. Bacon is on a list of foods that should be avoided at all costs. The reasons are simple: this food is relatively fatty and can have serious consequences on the health of your faithful friend.


The potential risks of bacon for my dog

Whether for humans or animals, too much fat is not recommended. Foods with extreme fat content, when consumed in large doses, can cause very serious consequences. This is particularly true of bacon, which, if eaten regularly, can cause inflammation of the pancreas.

Unfortunately, pancreatitis (a disease resulting from this inflammation) is very difficult to diagnose. In many cases, the veterinarian can only diagnose it when it is very advanced.

To add to this problem, bacon contains a lot of salt. The risk is to clog the arteries of your dog or to make his intestines fragile. Risks that you certainly do not want to incur for your dog.

Even if the temptation to please is too strong, think about the consequences and choose not to give him bacon. Indeed, in the long run, you will certainly regret having given him bacon.


What should I do if my dog has ingested bacon?

If your dog eats too much bacon, the solution is to go to the vet as soon as possible. Even if it is not one of the worst foods a dog could swallow, the risks are high. You can also make your dog vomit if he has eaten bacon against your will. Unfortunately, this only works if you take immediate action.

Some people may tell you that activated charcoal can be a great help when the animal eats a food that should be avoided. However, it is still best to turn to a professional who specializes in animal health. He or she will be better able to give you a tip and, above all, to treat your pet properly.

Don't try to do it yourself, you are not qualified to treat an animal and you will know even less which disease is eating it. Take the time to go to the veterinarian, as you would go to the doctor if it were you.


What can I replace bacon with if I want to feed my dog a similar food?

There are a plethora of foods that are very good for your dog that you can feed almost blindly. Below is a list of some harmless ingredients:

- cucumber,
- strawberry,
- raspberry,
- salmon,
- lentils,
- mango,
- watermelon,
- dates,
- egg (if the white is cooked),
- sardines...

With this list, you will be able to give him a treat adapted to his condition. The treats sold in supermarkets, or specialized stores, sometimes contain chemical components that are not recommended. In addition, they tend to be too sweet or too salty.

If you choose fresh products, the benefits will be felt and your dog will have all the necessary ingredients for good health.


How do I choose the best diet for my dog?

For me, the easiest way is to trust the recognized professionals of the sector. This gives you the assurance to give your dog the right products while simplifying your life. For example, I recommend Ollie products.

It is a company with an excellent reputation that prepares customized recipes for your dog, 100% fresh and delivered directly to your home.