Can i give my dog aspirin

Many times, pet owners tend to give medications designed for humans to their pets. The fact is that this is often not advisable, especially if you don't know what doses to prescribe. The dog may not react well to a drug such as aspirin. Giving it to your dog could actually make him worse.

Before giving your pet aspirin, think about the consequences and understand that it's best not to give it to your pet, or at least to know what doses it can take.


The potential risks of aspirin for my dog

There are many potential risks to your dog if you give him aspirin for pain. It could cause ulcers and bleeding from the mucous membrane due to irritation. You will recognize aspirin poisoning when your dog shows any of the following symptoms:

• normal vomiting, even to the point of blood,
• presence of blood in the stool, often black blood,
• diarrhea,
• lethargy,
• panting.

The list is not exhaustive and could be extended. Moreover, aspirin, as in humans, cannot be administered for some species, especially in case of gestation or epileptic problem. The risks are too great in these cases. In any case, if your dog reacts differently than usual, you should contact the nearest veterinarian as soon as possible.




What should I do if my dog has ingested aspirin?

Since it is a dangerous food and not recommended for dogs, it is essential to act within minutes of the administration of the aspirin. We know that you are not always behind your dog or puppy, and you will not always know when he has swallowed an aspirin, so as soon as you see signs, do not wait to call a professional.

At first, if the aspirin has not yet taken effect, the veterinarian can make the dog vomit to prevent the dose from getting into him. A treatment will then be prescribed to ensure that no damage is done. Even if they don't work miracles, these treatments will give your dog a great chance. You can also make your dog vomit by yourself. You should not hesitate to do this, as it can give your dog a great chance of surviving without disease.




What should I replace aspirin with if I want to give my dog a medication?

When our pet suffers, we suffer with him. We feel helpless and do not know what to do to make him feel better. In many cases, we will give him the medications we know, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen or even marijuana to ease the pain.

These medications, however, could seriously worsen the situation.

It is advisable to go to the veterinarian, in order to know which medications are adapted to the dog, according to the symptoms that you see. The veterinarian will prescribe medication adapted to the size of the dog. He will be able to advise you ibuprofen and aspirin for your dog, provided that you respect a precise dose. Do not change the doses that the animal health professional will give you, they will relieve your dog in case of problems.



Loving and educating your pet also means protecting it against the hazards of life. This is why we strongly recommend that you take out health insurance as soon as possible. This will save you astronomical veterinary fees in case of accident or illness.