Can i give grapes to my dog

You may have thought that fresh or dried grapes would be good for your dog, but they are dangerous and should not be given to your dog. Some components cause food poisoning, which in many cases can still be cured. However, in some cases this poisoning can lead to the death of the dog.


The potential risks of grapes for my dog

Food poisoning caused by eating grapes varies from dog to dog. Even so, it is difficult to give exact figures as to the maximum dose to ingest before it causes discomfort. It must be said that this intoxication is unpredictable and can vary depending on the animal.

There are no non-toxic grape varieties: they are all toxic. Raisins are much more toxic than fresh grapes, because they are more concentrated. Generally, we talk about a maximum of 20 grams / kilos for the dose leading to intoxication (when it comes to fresh grapes).

For raisins, the dose is from 3 g / kg. However, beware: many dogs can become ill even though they have eaten a much smaller dose than the one announced. It is better to avoid giving it to your pet, especially if you want it to be healthy all the time.


What should I do if my dog has ingested grapes?

You will need to act at the first signs of poisoning. These signs usually appear within the first 24 hours. Your dog will have diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain and may even refuse to eat. By reacting right away, you give your dog a chance to recover. If the problem reaches the kidneys, the damage is more serious and dangerous.

A poison control center or veterinarian should be contacted at the same time you observe the first signs of grape poisoning. If you have the opportunity to take him/her as soon as he/she has eaten this fruit, you will have even more results, as a digestive decontamination can be performed. For the rest, animal health professionals will be able to make a diagnosis and find the right medication to give your pet.


What can I replace the grape with if I want to give my dog a fruit to eat?

We suggest that you hide any grapes you may have in your home so that your dog does not eat them behind your back. By doing this, you can save your pet from excruciating pain in case of poisoning.

If your goal is to please your dog, you can turn to pears. This fruit is excellent for his health. Indeed, it will provide your companion with many vitamins, folic acid and antioxidants. This safe fruit will adapt and integrate into the daily life of your canine.

To diversify, you have the option of watermelon (for hydration), mango (for sweetness) or banana (one of the best fruits). In any case, there is no shortage of varieties to avoid giving grapes.


How do I choose the best diet for my dog?

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