Can dogs eat raw tomatoes

Not everything that is beneficial for humans is beneficial for animals. That's why their diet is sometimes difficult to control. Owners prefer kibble, but with a few tips, you can learn to diversify it. Some tomatoes should be avoided as they can cause some very worrying symptoms.


The potential risks of tomatoes for my dog

With its very red and appetizing appearance, it is difficult to envisage this harmful side of tomatoes in dogs. It is true that the content is very low in calories, but it is the amount of solanine that is problematic. You find it in potatoes, it causes a more or less severe intoxication in relation to the quantity ingested. This substance is present in green tomatoes, the leaves and the stem of this fruit.

This is also the case for glycoproteins and glycoalkaloids which are less and less present when tomatoes ripen. If you have a few plants in your garden, keep an eye on your pet, as it can become intoxicated very quickly. Indeed, the intestine of dogs is quite sensitive, so it can be the target of digestive problems, but also of muscle weakness, vomiting, increased heart rate and excess drooling.


What should I do if my dog has eaten a tomato?

If your pet has eaten a very ripe tomato, he should not have any health problems. It is full of water and the solanine content is practically non-existent. However, if he has eaten the plant, the leaves or a green tomato, watch his behavior. If the symptoms worsen over the hours, only your veterinarian can advise you since he knows your dog. He can suggest a consultation or even rest. However, increased surveillance is recommended for breathing difficulties and increased heart rate in both small and large dogs.


What can I replace the tomato with if I want to give my dog another fruit or vegetable to eat?

Some people think the list is long, but it is actually quite limited. For example, green beans are only possible if they are cooked, they are harmful when eaten raw. You should also forget about avocado, potatoes, leeks and garlic, but you can offer them carrots. They contain vitamins and are low in calories. The sugar content is a bit high, so be careful if your pet is diabetic. Finally, this vegetable helps to fight against diarrhea.

Zucchini is considered a "super food" for us as well as for our four-legged friends. Thanks to several minerals, vitamins and fibers, it is an ingredient of choice for dogs that are overweight. With less than 20 calories, it is ideal. It also has a very interesting satiating aspect, especially if your pet is greedy, you regulate its appetite with this vegetable. You can give your pet one zucchini per week during a meal.

When it comes to fruit, you're spoiled for choice. You can offer your dog fresh and healthy treats such as strawberries, bananas, raspberries, pineapples, mangoes, etc.


How do I choose the best diet for my dog?

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