Can dogs eat pork

Dogs are carnivores, so we tend to feed them meat to meet their nutritional needs. If beef, lamb and rabbit are beneficial, it is not really the case for pork. If pork is raw, it can even be harmful to your pet's health because of a parasite. It can also cause allergies and inflammation of the pancreas. We therefore recommend that you keep it away from your dog's diet.


The potential risks of pork for my dog

If you look at the composition of the kibbles, pork is absent and this is not insignificant. This meat is too fatty, but it is also harmful to health whether it is cooked or raw. This is because of parasites that cause more or less serious infections depending on the consumption and the size of the animal. Several symptoms should alert you such as digestive problems, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, muscle inflammation, abdominal pain, and even severe lethargy.

Pork is also an allergen for some dogs, which increases the potential for harm due to inflammation of the pancreas. All this meat should be avoided, as well as ham, which contains too much salt. It promotes dehydration as do sausages and bacon.

Even if you plan to cook pork well to eliminate trichinella spiralis larvae, it is advisable to favor other meats.


What should I do if my dog has ingested pork?

The situation is more or less worrying depending on the composition. Raw meat served with dangerous ingredients such as nutmeg or garlic requires an immediate consultation with the veterinarian. The toxicity is really strong, but the diarrhea and vomiting also promote dehydration which can be fatal if you don't act. This is also the case if your dog has a known allergy to pork.

If, however, he has eaten a small piece of cooked pork such as ham, health problems should not arise. You should still monitor the animal for a few days to identify any changes in its behavior.


What should I replace pork with if I want to give my dog another meat to eat?

The meat chosen depends on the composition of the meal, if it is already rich, choose preferably chicken or rabbit. The fat content is low, it is an ideal solution if your pet needs to lose weight. Never give him the bones even if they have been dipped in a broth. They are too small and very sharp, and could choke him and perforate his intestine.

Duck is a great meat for your pet as it is an excellent source of animal acids. It is an excellent source of animal acids and strengthens the bones and muscles. You can also add lamb, but be careful with the quantity. It is a fatty meat that should be reserved for special occasions, but it contains many vitamins.


How do I choose the best diet for my dog?

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