Can dogs eat cooked potatoes

Not all foods are good for your four-legged friend, and potatoes can even be dangerous if they are raw and sprouted. So be careful if you store it in an accessible place, your pet will tend to be attracted to it. However, this ingredient is widely present in the composition of kibbles as well as wheat or corn. However, the quantities are very small and this potato is not raw.


The potential risks of potatoes for my dog

Of course, it is possible to give potatoes to your pet if they are cooked, whether in the form of mashed potatoes or French fries. The digestion problems are not to be forgotten, but the danger is mainly linked to a raw food. It contains solanine which is found in the leaves, but also in the peel. This poison is responsible for a slowing down of the cardiac system, nervous system and digestive disorders.

Potatoes can impair your dog's eyesight. The toxicity is even greater if it is sprouted. Be careful if you have green potatoes with tubers, the symptoms can be very alarming. The dog will suffer from diarrhea, sometimes blackish, and strong salivation. When the intoxication is high, your pet may suffer from a drop in body temperature and a loss of balance.

When ingested in large doses, potatoes can be fatal, especially for small dogs such as Yorkies and Jack Russell Terriers. Store your potatoes away from your four-legged friend in a closed cellar or on a high shelf.


What should I do if my dog has ingested a potato?

It all depends on the quantity and appearance of the potato. If in doubt, contact your veterinarian who will be able to tell you what to do. The Poison Control Center can also provide information, but usually a consultation is necessary. This canine health professional will make a complete diagnosis and put him under surveillance, especially if he has ingested sprouted and green potatoes. By eliminating the consumption, the symptoms disappear quickly, but it only takes 30 grams per kg of weight for the situation to be worrying.


What can I replace the potato with if I want to feed my dog another starchy food?

If potatoes, pasta and wheat are not recommended, you can opt for brown rice. It is more beneficial than white rice because of its high nutrient content. Your dog will appreciate it with simplicity, i.e. without any sauce or with a drizzle of olive oil, preferably extra virgin and organic. Offer him this meal with animal proteins such as beef, chicken or rabbit. Avoid lamb, which is a bit fatty, especially if your dog is overweight.


How do I choose the best diet for my dog?

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