Advantix for dogs

Among the many flea control products available to protect your dog from parasites, you may have already heard of Advantix pipettes. This popular brand is a very effective alternative to fight fleas, lice, ticks... and even mosquitoes!

But to benefit from the virtues of this product, you must know how to use it properly! Here are some tips on how to properly apply this antiparasitic to your dog to protect his health.


What is Advantix for dogs?

The Advantix brand is marketed by Bayer Laboratories, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, which also produces many of the medicines used daily by us humans.

However, Advantix products are only intended for dogs and target a wide range of parasites. We often speak of a triple action, because the pipettes are effective against the devastating trio of fleas, lice and ticks. But Advantix also protects your dog from mosquitoes and flies!


What is its composition?

There are two main active ingredients in this pest control product: Imidacloprid, and Permethrin. If you read the instructions carefully, you will also see the molecule Butylhydroxytoluene. The latter is a simple excipient, added to increase the shelf life of the product.

The pipettes also contain three other excipients, N-Methylpyrrolidone, Miglyol 812 and Citric Acid, which give the product a consistency suitable for its use.


How does Advantix work on my dog?

Like most flea control products in pipette form, Advantix is a non-systemic product. Unlike systemic substances, this product does not need to pass into the bloodstream of the parasites to eliminate them. The product spreads on the dog's skin and is stored in its sebaceous glands.

The sebum released by your dog during the month following the application of Advantix is then impregnated with the anti-parasite and protects him continuously. The two active ingredients in this medication have broad-spectrum insect repellent, insecticidal, acaricidal and larvicidal properties. Permethrin is a neurotoxicant that targets adult fleas and larvae.

Imidacloprid is an insecticide targeting fleas and chewing lice (adults and larvae), but also ticks, mosquitoes and flies. Because of their non-systemic properties, Advantix pipettes eliminate fleas, lice and ticks by simple contact between the parasites and Medor's coat.


In what form is this product available?

The Advantix line is marketed in pipette form, in boxes of 1 to 6 doses. The products are specifically designed for dogs, and you will find four different formats with distinct concentrations that correspond to the size and weight of your pet.

The formats offered are "Very Small Dog", "Small Dog", "Medium Dog" and "Large Dog".





How do I give Advantix to my dog?

Before you consider giving your dog an Advantix spray, make sure you know the dosage first! Don't try to categorize your dog (as a Medium Dog, for example) at a glance! The dosages correspond to specific weights: it is imperative to weigh your dog and to choose the pipette that corresponds to him.

For those who have misplaced the instructions for their pipette, here are the indications to follow to choose the right dose for your dog:

- The " Very Small Dog " range (0,4ml) is for dogs under 4kg.
- The range " Small Dog " (1,0 ml) is intended for dogs from 4kg to 10kg.
- The range " Medium Dog " (2,5 ml) is intended for dogs from 10kg to 25kg.
- The range " Large Dog " (4,0ml) is intended for dogs from 25kg to 40kg.

Once the right dosage is chosen, you should apply 1 pipette per animal. The effectiveness of the product lasts for 4 weeks. After this period, but in no case before, it is recommended to repeat the treatment.


Method of administration of the pipettes

Advantix is a topical product, which is administered externally. The liquid is applied directly to your dog's skin, in a place where he cannot lick himself to avoid any risk of intoxication. This place, unreachable for Medor, is located at the base of his neck, just at the beginning of his shoulder blades.

Between your dog's shoulder blades, carefully spread the hair until you can see his skin. The product must be in contact with the animal's skin and not simply poured on its coat. To be effective, do not wash or bathe your dog for 48 hours before and after applying the product.

Once these preliminary steps have been completed, grasp the pipette and hold it open upwards. Break off the tip completely and pour the entire product onto your dog's skin. Once this is done, you just have to congratulate your dog for having behaved well and let him go! You must then avoid touching him where you applied the product until it is completely dry.

If your dog has been naughty, reassure him anyway and try to find a way to administer the product without seeing it. Sometimes the liquid is just a little cold and causes an unpleasant sensation to your dog. Keep the pipette warm in your pocket and try again later.

Nothing to do, Medor refuses the pipette? In this case, you may have to opt for a collar or an anti-flea tablet instead...




Precautions for safe use of Advantix

Even though Advantix is available without a prescription, it should be used with caution. The active ingredients in the pipettes can be harmful to both the owner and the pet. As with many chemical products, avoid contact between the product and the eyes and mucous membranes of humans and dogs.

Very important: do not attempt to treat other species of animals with this product! This product is for canine species only and should only be used on your dogs. In particular, Advantix can be lethal to cats, as they cannot tolerate Permethrin.

Avoid using this product on dogs with irritable or hypersensitive skin. If your dog has a history of allergic reactions to topical antiparasitic products, you should not choose Advantix for flea protection; a tablet or collar with natural ingredients is more appropriate.

As mentioned above, it's important to pour the product where your dog won't lick it. In addition to the risk of poisoning, grooming removes the product which is then no longer effective. If you have more than one animal, keep an eye on them until the product has dried: they must not lick each other.

If your dog does taste the product, he may start salivating excessively. This reaction is relatively normal and should pass quickly. If the amount of product ingested is significant or the hypersalivation does not pass quickly (within a few hours), contact your veterinarian.

Contraindications for dogs
Advantix is intended for adult animals. Never give this product to a puppy under 7 weeks of age or weighing less than 25 kg. Also, do not treat your sick, weakened, convalescent or otherwise treated animals without the prior approval of your veterinarian.

Precautions to take for the owners
To avoid irritation, wash your hands thoroughly after handling an Advantix pipette. Once the product has been applied, do not cuddle your dog until his coat is completely dry. Be sure to keep your children away from your freshly treated dog - remember, this product works by contact only!

Drug interactions and side effects
Currently, this product has no known drug interactions. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian if you are considering treating a dog that is taking other medications or has recently been treated with another antiparasitic.

Administration of this flea control product may cause rare side effects. At a local level, the dog may experience itching, shedding and irritation where the product was applied. Generally, these effects are temporary and disappear quickly. Even more rarely, behavioral changes, gastrointestinal symptoms and nervous signs have been reported.


Is Advantix really effective in protecting my dog?

Most Advantix users agree that it is effective against a wide range of parasites. Fleas and chewing lice are generally eliminated within 24 hours, and ticks within 48 hours.

Concerning mosquitoes, the opinions are less unanimous. Mosquito habituation to Imidacloprid is a known phenomenon that can be a problem if your dog is heavily exposed to these parasites. If your problem is mosquitoes, then I suggest you look at the Scalibor anti-parasite collar which is very effective in getting rid of mosquitoes.

If you have large invasions in your home, such as fleas, Advantix may not be enough. Although it is larvicidal, it does not target eggs and cocoons, and you may have difficulty getting rid of all fleas permanently. In such a situation, the use of an IGR product or a fumigant in addition to Advantix would be of great help.

Finally, as with any anti-parasite medication, fleas and ticks can eventually develop resistance to the products used. If Advantix was very effective on your dog but after a few months you find that its effectiveness is diminishing, don't panic!

Simply alternate it with another product, such as Frontline Combo, which I find very effective. Alternate the two products and the problem will be solved.






Can Advantix be used on a pregnant or lactating bitch?
Yes, you can treat your pregnant and/or lactating bitch. Ideally, treat the mother beforehand so that she does not transmit parasites to her puppies, as they will be too young to tolerate any antiparasitic medication.

Do the parasites have to bite my dog for the product to eliminate them?
No, this product is not systemic, it does not pass through the blood to act. The parasites are intoxicated by contact with the product.

Will Advantix eliminate fleas from my home?
Although it is a larvicide, this product will not be sufficient to treat your home in case of a large flea infestation. Indeed, this medication is not ovicidal and does not slow down the development of cocoons. The fleas will not be able to feed on your dog, but it may take some time before they disappear from your home. To treat your home and get rid of the stubborn parasites, you can use a flea fogger. This is very effective and is only necessary from time to time.

Does this treatment protect my dog against diseases transmitted by tick bites?
The risk of disease cannot be completely ruled out, but Advantix does eliminate ticks within 48 hours. Often, the ticks have not yet taken their first meal and do not need to bite the animal to be poisoned.


Pipettes can be purchased from your veterinarian or in pharmacies. For more interesting prices, turn to specialized websites and online parapharmacies. If you have several dogs, note that some sites allow you to buy "in bulk", by 6 boxes of 4 pipettes. You will save on the unit price.

This product is sold over the counter, so a prescription is not necessary. However, a consultation with your veterinarian may be a good idea if you are using this product for the first time. Your veterinarian will be able to weigh your pet, check its health and give you the right dose.


Loving and educating your pet also means protecting it against the hazards of life. This is why we strongly recommend that you take out health insurance as soon as possible. This will save you astronomical veterinary fees in case of accident or illness.